3 Underrated Aspects of Online Poker Reviews

We can all agree that there are some pretty obvious factors that you'll want to read about in reviews of online poker sites. The bonus section is always important because you want to ensure that you're getting an excellent bonus deal. Likewise, the promotions and software sections are highly important. But there are also some underrated sections that you'll find in online poker reviews which are critical as well. That said, let's discuss these aspects and cover why they're so important in regard to you finding a good poker site.

1. Customer Service

Okay, so few people choose a poker site based on the customer service alone. After all, it's much more fun to think about big bonuses and promotions instead. However, one thing you'll find upon playing at an internet poker room for a while is that customer support does matter. Nobody wants to ask a question and wait 2 weeks to get a response. Assuming this is the case, it can often allude to bigger problems that are present at a site. So you should look for what methods of contacting customer service are available (i.e. email, live chat, fax, telephone), and how long it takes to receive a response on average.

2. Fish Rating

It goes without saying that online poker success is largely contingent upon your competition. So your chances of winning improve quite a bit when you seek out poker sites with weaker players. Seeing as how it'd be ridiculously time-consuming to play at a bunch of different sites and judge player competition yourself, the smart thing to do involves reading reviews on the matter. Many poker reviews contain a section, or at least a paragraph, about how good the players are. Sometimes called the “fish rating,” this section explains how good or bad the average player is and why.

3. Game Variety

If you plan on playing a lot of online poker, odds are that you'll eventually want to try something other than Texas Hold'em. Of course, this is made a lot easier when the site you're playing at offers plenty of poker variations, and players to fill these games. Hold'em and Omaha are commonly offered at any poker room, but it's much better when Badugi, Draw, Stud and Razz games are also available. Additionally, the player traffic needs to be good enough to where these variations will actually feature some players in them too.