5 Reel Slots

According to the history of slot machines, the first machine invented by Charles Fey had 3 reels and 30 symbols. These characters were peaks, horseshoes, hearts, diamonds and bells. When a player line up three bells, he received the grand prize, the implied jackpot. The fact that for a long time, the companies associated with the development of slot machines , and single creators developed only three-reel slot machines as machinery in those days did not have the physical capabilities to cover anything but Large and Very Big Bertha with eight drums, the weight that was, incidentally, is simply inconceivable.

However, the rapid progress that is certainly an important feature slot machines, brings new opportunities for the industry products. Currently, gaming machines in the casino stand equipped with a large number of drums, ranging between 5 and 7, ending at the time when the 3-hbarabannye machines have been mostly removed from the casino.
These machines are known among players as Automatic Pokey Pokey or just. Popular 5-reel slot machine made them favorites among regular or even no online casinos nowadays. Thus, there is a wide selection of this type of game in every online casino. Moreover, almost all the casinos, especially those that accept players from the United States often hold various tournaments to 5 reels.

Many players believe that the 5-drum machine harder to win. Each of the modern slot machine used a random number generator, which is always checked and approved inspectors. Typically, 5-reel machine pays the player back 95% or more. In 1909, Herbert Stephen Mill, another inventor after Charles Fairy, added 10 characters to existing on each reel, making machine more compact and mobile. Liberty Bell has grown in popularity in the casino, conducted semblance of modern tournaments.

Over time, these mechanical one-armed bandits have changed. As a result, they are electronic. Thus, videoavtomaty appeared in land-based casinos as well as online casinos as the boot and online versions. First we talked about 3-drum. Then came the 5-reel slot machines, and there are now 7-reel slot machines. Technology has developed a lot of different aspects to improve the game. For example, version 7 reels in which the player can choose which bids will play. Without a doubt, these features make the game much more enjoyable, especially considering the online tournaments. There is even a function "auto play" with which instructs the player to rotate continuously selects the frequency and variety of other options that he needs. 7-reel slot machines tend to produce higher payments compared with a 5-reel and 3 reels.