Bonus Codes

It is known that online casino has an advantage in any proposed game, including slots: in the last fraction of a casino is from 3% to 5%. In other words, each supplied with a dollar you give the average casino from 3 to 5 cents. But despite this math, and slots have the opportunity to make a good profit. We are talking about the bonuses. Due to bonuses offered by online casinos, you can neutralize the advantage of the casino and make a profit in the long run.

The first bonus to which you should pay attention - a bonus for signing up. As the name implies, this bonus is offered to new customers when registering online casino and make a deposit into your account. The bigger your first deposit, the more bonus you will get into your account.
The typical size of the bonus - 100% up to $ 200, meaning you will receive a bonus equal to the amount of your deposit, but not more than $ 200. But do not hurry to rejoice: you can not cash out the bonus until you have completed the necessary conditions.

To be able to withdraw the bonus from the casino, most online casinos require you to bid in the range of 20x to 50x the size of the deposit + bonus amount. So if you deposit $ 200, you would have to bet in online slots for a total of $ 8000 before the entire bonus will be yours when conditions casino 20x: [($ 200 (the deposit) + $ 200 (bonus)) x 20] = $ 8000. These conditions seem complicated, but if you plan to regularly play slots for money, then this bonus - only additional income you earn in the course of their game.
here are other types of bonuses that you will get when you play slots for real money. One of them - VIP-points, ie Frequent Player Points.

These glasses are promoting you to the VIP-clubs, and the higher your level in them, the more bonus money you can earn in the future. To earn these points, you need to regularly play for real money slots. Once you stick to this strategy, you will get a certain amount of VIP-points. Earned points can be exchanged for money, tickets to Las Vegas, and many other exciting gifts. Finally tell yet another source of additional income in online slots - tournaments. Slots tournaments are held regularly in many online casinos. Starting time clearly stated, and anyone can participate in it by paying a small entrance fee. The essence consists in the game tournament in some slot machines a limited amount of time. The more the player wins, the higher it rises in the rankings table. According to the results of games are the most active and successful players are very solid wins.