Bouncy Balls Game

Play online bingo online is not only slightly heavier than the classic bingo. In fact, it's the same game, supplemented by some modern properties. It's a pretty simple game, and play online bingo even easier, because to start a bingo game just a few mouse clicks. There are some differences between these two options, in many ways a more attractive bingo online. Online casino uses a random number generator. This is the same type of "device" is used for the cards in the other games of chance on the internet.

In the game of online casino, you can use some interesting features such as "auto-tick" (auto-daub), whereby the machine will automatically mark the winning number on your card or item "Best procedure" (Best Card Sorting). It is used when playing with multiple cards, cards are automatically sorted in order according to how close to one or the other bingo card. Last but not least, the fact is that you can use during a chat bingo games and chat with players online. main prizes for the player playing on the Internet can be very different. In our opinion, the most significant advantage of the online version of this game is that you can play bingo for free.

Bingo with 90 balls where grid uses 3 rows and 9 columns. In each row, 5 rooms, respectively, all 15 numbers on the map. In the first column of numbers 1-10, the second 11-20, 21-30 in the third, and so on up to 81-90 rooms in the ninth column. Bingo with 90 balls, usually played in three stages: one line, two lines and a full house.

In one series of the game, players must complete one horizontal row of numbers on one card (ie, 5 digits), the second stage is to fill two lines on the same map (= 10 rooms). Finally, the "full house" suggests that all the numbers on the card must be crossed out (total = 15), as in a normal version "cover-all" (fill in all) from 75 balls. Prizes increase with each step, so that in case of a full house you can hit the jackpot.