Casino Holdem Game

Casino Holdem potentially more profitable than Blackjack. Maximum winning in Blackjack is paid as 3 to 1. Biggest win in Casino Holdem can reach 100 to 1 ratio. Absence of "crossings". Casino Holdem game mechanics designed so that there does not exist the concept of "moving." Moving - a situation where you have the best hand preflop or flop. Place a bet on the turn or the river, your opponent desperately unlucky, and he takes the pot. Moving is one of the features of the classic Hold'em. In addition, they can cause nervous breakdowns, tilt loser, and consequent loss of bankroll.

Guaranteed payments. Unlike classic Hold'em in Casino Holdem you will receive guaranteed payments every time you make the best hand. In the classic Texas Hold'em, there are times when a good hand you do not pay because the other players know about your strengths maps.
Of the disadvantages can be called only what belongs to the Casino Holdem games against the casino it automatically incorporated casino advantage. On average, it is from 1 to 5 percent.

How is the gameplay? You pay the ante. This is a mandatory bid regardless of whether you win or lose. After the pocket cards are dealt and the flop. If you think your chances are high you press the call. In this case, the ante is doubled, others are dealt 2 streets. Occurs autopsy. If your cards are better than your opponent's cards, you win money. Well, if worse, then do not worry. The next time you need luck. If you think that the risk is not worth it, then presses «fold». In this case, the card reset and the casino takes ante and bonus (if it was staged)

Important condition. Dealer need to win a pair of fours or older. If the dealer does not have a hand, then you may win by the highest card. In Casino Holdem is a bonus bet. To rate this game you will need to have a pair of aces or older. Rate moves on the field AA. If you do not have missiles, the bonus rate is not important. Skill is good that payments it many times more than the normal rate.