Casino Meister

Online casino has become widespread in the network recently. All sorts of guarantees honesty of online casinos, they are luring users are more pros than cons. But how do you control mechanism arranged honesty for online casinos , and whether there is benefit from it? I'll explain below.

Online casino software generates a sequence of loss of certain characters (numbers or cards) that will appear in the player in the game. After the game is over, the player has the right to compare the combinations is correct with those that have been planned in advance. Honestly it or not - you decide, but in my opinion, a random sequence of optimum yield. After all, with absolutely random mechanism playing online casino is no different from the present.

And if the sequence is made by man? Then it is about the integrity of this online casino you can not stutter. For example, take the game of roulette. A person can make a sequence so that the red will drop 20 or more times in a row. Then no strategic system will not help and the player is unlikely to visit this casino again.

Also, the sequence consisting man categorically does not fit in the game of slots because casinos can put one hundred consecutive losses. Is this fair? Or take the game of poker. To please the dealer constantly Royal Flush? So, the attendants advertising slogans - "Warranty honesty", "The most honest casino", etc., yet nothing says.

Now to monitor integrity of online casinos are generally used only two mechanisms. Chief among them is the algorithm MD5, which involves the use of a key sequence. Another - shipment is password protected archives.