Casino War

Laser Lock Technologies successfully completed the development and testing of new technology authentication authorization for online casino players, ready to defend the interests of both the online gaming establishments, and the players themselves. Laser Lock Technologies - a global leader in providing innovative solutions for identity authentication for public services, healthcare companies, as well as user authorization gaming industry, announced the successful results of testing a new technology designed for users on the websites of online casinos.

This technology is a multi-level user authentication , including the expansion
laser and other ways to determine the unmistakable personality of the player. This innovation made ??a big step forward, leaving behind the old-fashioned logins, passwords, PIN-codes. The introduction of this technology will provide a safe game on any online gambling sites make it impossible to use another's passwords and will not allow underage person to use such sites.

" Due to the increasing number of countries and regions work legalizing online casino, we are pleased to introduce our new development. system allows to provide security as a player, and the casino itself , "- said Neil Alpert (Neil Alpert), CEO of Laser Lock Technologies. - " Increasing the number of precautions, allows to achieve a high level of security, and our product solves this problem very easily and quickly "

Biometric face and retina at online casinos It is already established that the development will have a look of the application, deploy the platform gaming site for authorization players. The working extensions mainly includes Laser and other development works on the principle of three-factor authentication : something that only you know, someone who you are, a place where you are. Using this approach makes it impossible to avoid the risk that exists when using a single-factor authentication (password, PIN-code)