Deposit Bonus

In the field of the gaming industry are two widely used concepts: bonus and wager. Try to deal with both. Bonus - this additional money that you will be credited to your deposit, just for the fact that you have filled up the balance and just for the fact that choose this casino. That is, you pay for the casino that you are their client. It should be noted that the bonus can only get a player who is registered on the site of the casino. All information about bonuses and their forms are available on the same site, as a rule, there is a tab with information about all the services and bonuses under their provision.

Wager - it is the amount of bets that a player needs to do to get the bonus money, ie clear the bonus. For example, if you received a bonus in the amount of one hundred percent of the original fee of one hundred dollars, then the account you will be two dollars, that is your one and one bonus. In order to withdraw this money, you need to play wager. Typically, its size depends on the size of the deposit. Suppose that it is equal to 20. That is, it means that in order to allow you to withdraw the bonus money, you will have to make a bet on the total of the amount that exceeds the amount in the account at twenty times.

It is easy to calculate: made a hundred dollars, plus the same amount received bonuses. In the bank was two hundred dollars. Wager is 20, it means that we need to make bets on the amount of four thousand dollars. Many people do not understand the meaning of the whole system and say that it is simply unrealistic. However, it is understood that under the total amount of bets understand the total amount of money that you put in during the entire period of the game, and it does not matter what game you're betting.

For example, you bet on the roulette wheel . Say you put five dollars on red, then another five dollars were placed on different numbers. The total amount bet was $ 10. That is four thousand of the bonus you have already played ten bonus dollars, and absolutely does not matter whether you win this spin, or lost. Sometimes bonuses are really just unreal play. The simple fact is that in some casinos reaches 60 and above. If you are on the account of, say, $ 20, it is still something you can try, but if more, it makes sense to simply change the casino.