Guide To Online Baccarat

Name of the game is possible to get from the Italian "baccarat" (sort of crystal). According to another version - from "baccara" (poverty, lack of money). In Europe, baccarat - among the most popular casino games. It also is widely used in Asia and in the U.S. baccarat tables hold especially for large Asian players. Thanks to Ian Fleming's books about the legendary James Bond, is surrounded by an aura of charm Baccarat. The implication is that it should play men in tuxedos and ladies in evening dresses. However, apart from all the charm, Baccarat - especially simple and dynamic game. Baccarat used 4 to 6 decks of cards in each 52 sheets. Pictures 10 and equal to zero. Ace is counted as 1. The remaining cards - according to the specified value to them. The lowest number of points - 0 and is called "Baccarat". When the total amount of more than ten cards, then 10 must be subtracted. For example, 5 +9 = 4 instead of 14. - 0 +4 +8 = (12) = 2 points - 0 +0 +0 = 0 points (baccarat) - 0 +9 = 9 points (natural)

The best hand in the game - nine points. When the total number of points on the two maps is nine, then this combination is called a "natural" and can not lose. Eight points with two cards - also called "natural", but lose nine points. If two players have the same hand, it is - a draw. When combinations of 2 cards in six, seven, eight and nine points a third card can not be taken.
At the beginning of the game, each participating bet on your box or on the "Bank" (Banco) or a "punt" (Ponte). Also can bet on a draw game (paid 8:1). Croupier turns deals two cards to Banco and Ponte.

Card for Banco given to the player who has the highest bid on a bank card for Ponte - the player, the greatest bet on "punt." The first looks at his cards and decides on possible third map - Ponte. Following a decision Ponte solutions (card or enough), Banco opens his cards. Tepre Ponte can take another card. When it is determined, it is the turn decision to Banco. When that decision is made, both sides show their cards. If one player's first two cards is 8 or 9, he is obliged to reveal the card immediately and the opponent loses the right to the card 3. The winner is the player whose cards sum closest 9 points. With rates paid 1:1 and with Banco casino takes 5% in their favor.
Players do not quite believe baccarat best game. Due to 5% with winning Banco, casinos have a 1.37% advantage over playing. Gambling house advantage over a player at a rate of 14.1 draw%.