History Of Lotteries

History of the lottery began in the 16th century, when merchants from Italy suddenly realized that in addition to material gains lottery enables attract more buyers and sell unsold goods. In 1539 became a lottery organized by the state. King of France , Francis I was known for his extravagance, and to somehow save his skin, he organized a state lottery. In the history of the lottery was a watershed event, now his example was followed by other states, because this method is relatively fair, acceptable to all mining money.

Elizabeth I , also organizes regular lottery. This phenomenon has not been spared and America. In 1612, the Virginia Company pleased inhabitants of colonial America its lottery, and in the newly independent United States has become a lottery, almost the only way to raise funds for the army and public works.

But the history of the lottery was not always cloudless. In 1890, the U.S. rolled a number of serious scandals, which became the cause of lack of funds for the payment of winnings, that is, lottery tickets sold and the money mysteriously disappeared. After these incidents, the U.S. Congress passed a law prohibiting any U.S. postal administrations participating in lotteries. This was a serious blow to the Louisiana Lottery, because by the time she got so widespread that every second letter, the post office handled New Orleans, was sent to the address of the lottery. History of the lottery did not know such times.

Lotteries are disappearing throughout the United States. By 1930 they were eradication in 43 states, but the black band in the history of the lottery lasted not long. First offender ban on lotteries became New Hampshire. In 1963 there was organized a lottery to support local educational programs. Now the 400-year history of the lottery starts a new page. U.S. residents again look at the lottery as a means to obtain money. Currently, the U.S. lottery densely populated state in the mechanisms of replenishment budgets.
But the funny fact in the history of the lottery is the prohibition of things to do in Nevada. For those who do not know, in the state of Nevada is gambling capital of the world - the city of Las Vegas .