Keno Lottery

Translated from the Chinese word " Keno "means" spot ". This game was accidentally named so. Generally it originated many centuries ago, but in all this time has reached us in its original form, it means that its rules it has not changed. It constantly changes its appearance, but the essence remains the same. Traveling around the world tickets with pictures of animals, flowers, characters, natural bodies and so on. However, the meaning is the same - a maximum guess that fall.

At the present lottery ticket for the keno game shows numbers from 1 up to a hundred. Player, buying a ticket, or playing at online casinos, just shades those numbers, which, in his opinion, would be advantageous. Such number shall be twenty in the general case. Then one part of the ticket he gives the cashier takes a second to check yourself. Further special drum that contains exactly one hundred balls with numbers from 1 to the same one hundred starts to spin and throw the balls one by one. Depending on balls with what numbers came out, and crossed out what numbers you can say what your winnings, or what you have lost. The more numbers you guessed it, the higher the payoff. Some organizers put more game conditions specifying the different winning combinations, but the essence of the game is the same: have your ticket, where the rooms are shaded (here, by the way, the name "spot") and there are balls with the same numbers.

Keno today a very popular lottery , not only in real life, but in the online casinos. There she received even more widespread. This is no accident. After all, buying a lottery ticket, you are forced to sit at the TV and wait for the next drawing, and then even if you win, go somewhere behind him. In online casinos draw occurs instantaneously, and also gain paid within one minute, which is very fast. So a couple of hours you can play this oldest lottery than a dozen times.
Regarding wins keno , it can be said that they are high. Sometimes when guessing all twenty numbers from twenty possible winnings in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.