Online Blackjack Game

It's no secret that not all people can so easily go to the gambling establishment, and spend the evening. After the 2009 law banning gambling activities, it was not literally available to all residents of Russia. That's why fans of gambling found an outlet in online casinos, where one of the most popular games is online blackjack, which due to its colorful and lifelike images are not inferior to the game of blackjack in a conventional casino. Did you also want to try to play online blackjack and it is natural that you have some questions.

Objectives of the game - to beat the dealer by collecting a combination of 21 points or less. The main thing is that your total points was greater than the dealer without exceeding 21. "Blackjack" - a combination of cards aces and tens.
Standard winnings paid in the ratio of 1:1. If you win with a Blackjack, then the payoff is 3:2. In case of loss, you naturally lose your bet.

After the cards are dealt, you may like your cards. In this case, you can double your bet. If you have on hand will be two identical cards, you can separate them and collect for two combinations. It is possible that both of your bets in this case will benefit from the dealer.
To this end, there are at least two tools. "Surrender" - an opportunity to surrender as soon as you see that you handed out cards to win you do not shine. Insurance - a chance to protect yourself from what the dealer will collect "blackjack" (if the dealer's first card - an ace).

It's very simple. For deuce given two points, three - three points, etc. For cards like Jack, Queen, King will have ten points. Ace can be either one point or 11 points - depending on the combination. What suits do not matter.
The answer to this question is difficult to fit into a single paragraph, however, like a lot of information in the literature and on the Internet. You can win at blackjack using basic strategy. Following a certain pattern, you will be able to best protect yourself from loss. As with any other online gambling blackjack also has variations. The main types of blackjack can be considered a classic blackjack, European and Spanish. They all have their own characteristics and raisins, which can make you a supporter of some of these species.