Playing Cards Online

Various types of blackjack«Pitch» and «Shoe» - this is a different kind of the most popular card game blackjack . You can say it, even the groups that have combined different types of blackjack. «Shoe» - variant is more common, while a «Pitch» what little familiar gamblers.

«Shoe» - is a unifying name of the most famous types of card games, which are also common in the Russian-speaking countries. They use six or eight decks of cards. A variation in the type of blackjack «Pitch» play one or two decks of playing. In some Russian-speaking virtual casino games such are called One Deck Blackjack.

However, on the number of decks do not complete the differences in each kind of popular games have their own specific characteristics. And the more important they are, the higher the stakes. In «Shoe» rivals get up cards (gambling house dealer who also sees), and «Pitch» - closed.

In «Pitch» player can take their cards, and «Shoe» take them in hand categorically prohibit. In land-based casinos, playing «Shoe», the signal can be fed dealer gesture or voice, pointing to its decisions. And «Pitch» You can use gestures, however, they differ from gestures «Shoe».

Thus, in the case of «Pitch» gambling house employee considers that the player need one additional card, if the last touch of the game table edge or rubs their cards on the table surface. And if you need another card in «Shoe», you will need to knock on the table with his fingers. If you want to play blackjack in a land gambling house, you can not do without the knowledge of the data signals gestures. You do not want to be known as a simpleton. However, if some of your interests exclusively online games, you do not need them to learn. Since the Internet to bid and moves much easier and more intuitive user-friendly interface thanks to excellent.