Winning Strategy

Online dice game strategies, there are more than any other game. This is explained by a wide range of bets. You can try all of these systems, but the best strategy for a dice game - one in which the player eliminates the mathematical advantage of the gambling house. Betting on both lines "pass" and "Dont pass" gives the casino advantage of 1.41%, and with that you have a chance to win close to 50%. Betting on "stone" and "Dont-kam" create an almost identical house edge - 1.40%, and they also have a high probability of winning.

Some online casinos give players the opportunity to make additional bets in this game. Additional rates are good because they do not give any advantage the casino, but the probability of winning on them is 50/50. Using these rates significantly reduces the casino advantage: only by returning the initial rate by a factor of 1x, house edge drops to 0.68%. Return rate by a factor of 2x reduces it even to 0.46%. As you can see, these rates makes sense to do it always, whenever possible.

In addition to rates discussed above, there are other bets that are worth paying attention - this sector 6 and 8. Both of these rates give the casino advantage is only 1.52%. As for the other rates, are decent Lei Lei 4 and 10 (2.44% house edge). More bets for the player are not anything special.
Some rates are ridiculously high institution give benefits such as a bet on any 7, where the gambling house has as many as 16.67% advantage, literally ruining inexperienced players. For obvious reasons, we recommend that you refrain from such bets. In addition to all the above suggestions, we would recommend that beginners do multiple bets. Certainly more exciting to do multiple bets at the same time, because it adds excitement to the game. But remember that many bets for a beginner - it is also a good way to quickly losing all your bankroll!